Urban Ingenuity, LLC is a consulting practice targeting high-performing educational, non-profit, and business organizations.

Businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations face challenges every single day. Urban Ingenuity and its principals can provide expertise for a wide range of situations.

        Accreditation: Urban Ingenuity has decades of experience with regional and specialized accreditation. We have led and conducted multiple successful accreditation activities and we can help ensure your next accreditation activity is successful.

        Interim Staffing: We can provide interim leadership for a week at a time, or months.

        Program Design: Our team has deep experience developing and deploying new programs to meet workforce need. From initial design and development, to curricular evaluation, to deployment and articulation, you can rely on Urban Ingenuity.

        Mentoring: Every organization needs new leaders, and new leaders require training, coaching, and mentoring to succeed. From designing mentoring programs, to train-the-mentor programs, to one-on-one or one-on-few mentoring, Urban Ingenuity stands ready to help your new leaders succeed.

        Board Coaching and Training: Does your board need training to help them understand their role, or to learn about your operation? Urban Ingenuity has board training sessions ranging from several hours to several days in length.

        Speaking: For your next in-service, staff training day, or conference Urban Ingenuity has expert speakers on a wide range of topics. Our dynamic and engaging presenters will help your team grow and learn!

        Events: Milestone events like convocations, installations, inaugurations, and milestone anniversary celebrations require significant planning and expertise. Urban Ingenuity can provide conceptual planning, design, or total management and coordination.

        Process Evaluation: Urban Ingenuity has more than three decades of experience in process analysis, documentation, and continuous improvement in both educational and business organizations. From something as simple as a covert shopper to test your processes, to complete process analysis and improvement, you can rely on Urban Ingenuity.

Looking for more information or something thatís not on this list? Reach out to Dr. Kenneth Urban at Ken@UrbanIngenuityLLC.com today!